Here’s what some of our great customers are saying about our products.  We feel you should make a fully informed choice when you invest your money and, more importantly, your time and health in a nutraceutical, so we hope their feedback will be helpful to you in doing just that. 

*Hands Down Best Probiotic I Have Used. I should first say that I have been a user and believer in the benefits of probiotics for a long time. Good health starts with good food - good food is worthless without good digestion - good digestion requires healthy gut really is that foundational.
I’ve gone so far as to read about different bacteria strains and their benefits/drawbacks and I’ve tried several different brands and potency levels with varying degrees of success. PUR Nutraceuticals brand was recommended by a friend that swears by it, and I have been using it for almost a month as of this writing. I’m a total convert! From the light blocking, moisture removing bottle to the types of strains used (they didn’t cheap out on these), to the fact that nothing else is in it as a filler and it’s all natural...this stuff is a cut above in all aspects. My experience thus far has been excellent, and I’m recommending this to family and friends that know how important probiotics are to overall health.
— Amazon Customer - 2/28/2016
*If you’re looking for the absolute best quality, you can stop here. I’m on a long course of antibiotics which pretty much ruined my gut and digestion. The drug store probiotics (that I was told to take) didn’t do a thing and I feel they were a were a waste of my time and money. This one made a HUGE difference! I plan to keep taking it for a while after my prescription is done so things get back to normal (maybe even cycle it long term). I’ll update this review if needed, but for now I can’t say enough good about it.
— Amazon Customer - 1/22/2016
*I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for many years, and have tried many different brands of probiotics, yogurt, etc. This is the first probiotic, with 50 million flora, that has had such a positive response for my IBS. This is also the first probiotic I have taken that includes ‘prebiotics’. The combined 50 million flora, probiotics and prebiotics is the exact prescription needed for my IBS! I noticed a difference in the first week, as well as a definite decline in stomach pain. I am done searching for effective probiotics. This is it!
— Amazon Customer - 3/29/2017
*I underwent periodontal treatment and did not fully heal until after taking these specific oral probiotics strains: PUR ORAL Blis K12 & Blis M18. My periodontist was very impressed by the before and after results of my oral DNA test (test for specific pathogenic bacteria associated with periodontal disease). After much research, I stumbled upon the book Oral Probiotics by Case Adams and there within found his extensive research from microbiologists clinically demonstrating how oral probiotics can significantly improve not only your oral health but strengthen your immune system as well. Simply put, a healthy mouth is colonized with both probiotics and pathogenic bacteria. When it becomes imbalanced (from antibiotics, illness, etc.) the pathogenic bacteria can over colonize and take over causing inflammation and disease. You must address the underlying problem and re-colonize the body with probiotics. PUR Oral Probiotics was the absolute missing piece to my recovery. My hygienist & I saw significant improvement within 2 months of my taking this oral probiotic (I took it 2x/day and continue for preventive measures). My tooth pocket depth went from a 5.5 mm down to a 3 mm . My oral DNA bacteria had also dramatically improved as well. I have celiac disease which is correlated to both periodontal disease and intestinal permeability (for which I also take the PUR 50B probiotics for my intestinal health).
After a desperate search, I finally found this quality product by PUR that is gluten free, dairy free (most oral probiotics have dairy as an ingredient), vegan, non-GMO and magnesium stearate free. It had everything that I insisted on in a clinical grade pure product. I was so happy when I found PUR and so grateful for their current up-to-date knowledge of probiotics, the integrity of their company and the stellar quality of their products!
— Amazon Customer - 12/14/2016
*Works wonders for sore throats PUR Nutraceuticals’ Oral Probiotics is one of the best quick-dissolve tablets (lozenge) probiotics I have used. The dose (4B cfu) is equal to or greater than similar products from other brands. The strains (S. Salivarius BLIS K12 and M18) are supported by current research for oral and sinus health. The tablet actually does dissolve quickly, which is a plus.
This product actually works very well for sore throats if you work the dissolved probiotics around in your mouth and throat for a few minutes.
— Amazon Customer - 11/17/2016
*I just ordered bottle #3 for my son who is 28. He’s had chronic ear and sinus infections since he was about 10. He’s also had 2 sinus surgeries the past few years to try and “fix” them with no luck. Since he started taking these quality probiotics he’s had NO sinus or ear infections which is nothing short of amazing!! Throughout the winter he’d normally have an infection 2 times per month and miss several days of work and constantly have a “stuffy” nose even during non-infection. It’s not only kept him from having infections but his sinuses are finally “normal”!! THANK YOU PUR NUTRACEUTICALS for this amazing product!!
— Amazon Customer - 2/10/2017
*Children’s Probiotics. Great product! Give these to my son for upset stomach and it works. Very easy to swallow and we’ll worth the price. Saw a difference after a couple of days would recommend to all.
— Amazon Customer - 8/9/2016
*I’m on my second bottle of this now. I’ve tried several brands as well as keefer, yogurt, fermented foods, etc... The difference the PUR 50B made to my quality of life is not trivial...very very noticeable. It was 3 or 4 weeks into taking it that my gut (digestion all the way through) reached a happy state and stayed there. I feel good about how natural it is too and it’s totally made in the US. Very pleased, I hope Amazon keeps stocking this.
— Amazon Customer - 1/24/2016
*I was looking for a product that would eliminate the noisy, smelly, embarrassing, old man “motorcycle farts” that I was having due to “pockets” in my colon with “bad” bacteria. I took two courses of special antibiotic to kill those and within a week my problem returned. I tried an expensive probiotic that was almost twice as expensive for half the doses. No dice. I tried this product and within a week the problem was greatly reduced and within two weeks the problem disappeared!!! As an added bonus it helps regularity and healthier stools. Obviously everyone is different as you can see by the reviews, but this product works great for me - recommend it highly give it a try.
— Amazon Customer - 2/8/2017
*This is hands down the best probiotic I have ever taken. A friend recommended it to me. I have gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. Not to give TMI but this keeps me regular like no other probiotic I had tried before. I heard about a test where you empty the contents of a capsule into milk and watch to see if it turns to yogurt. Within a couple hours after putting the capsule into milk it turned into yogurt in consistency and smell. The pill I had been taking made the milk thick but nothing like yogurt. I could turn one cup upside down and the other would have spilled. I highly recommend this product to anyone having tummy issues!
— Amazon Customer - 11/20/2016
*I think I might have found the perfect probiotic for me! I wonder if this one works so well because it also includes a prebiotic. None of the others I have tried included this. And from the research I’ve done, it seems that prebiotics are needed. A good choice for me.
— Amazon Customer - 5/5/2017
*This has really helped with my long-standing mastoid infections.
I want to report that I’ve had great success with this product for my chronic ear problem. I found it after I came across a report on a clinical trial of BLIS12 on children who had repeated ear infections, and I wondered if it might be helpful also for adults. My ear doctor agreed that I could give it a try, and since Pur appeared to be the closest I could find to the formulation used in the test, I ordered it. By the way, I’m not just an adult, but a senior citizen, with chronic mastoid infections from mastoid operations 63 and 45 years ago, so these are long-standing infections. I’ve been using boric acid powder for about 20 years with some success, in order not to be continually on antibiotics, which only work for a short period and then have to be repeated. But I still had persistent drainage and every now and then there would be flare-ups. Well, it’s now 85 days since I started taking this, and my ears have almost stopped their perpetual draining and are much more comfortable. Also, there have been no flare-ups and no side effects. Not only that, but when I visited my doctor a couple of weeks ago, he found that my ears required much less cleaning, and he told me that they’re definitely better. This isn’t a clinical trial of course, but I can report that Pur’s Oral Probiotics with BLIS12 really work for me!
— Amazon Customer - 10/22/2016
*This stuff changed my life! I’ve suffered from halitosis since I was a child. I tried everything to get rid of it. From dental work, to diet, neti pot, making my own kefir probiotic, and nothing helped. My breath was so bad that it created major social anxiety and kept me from dating or going out. Within a few days my mouth tasted great, the white coating on my tongue was gone along with my dragon breath. Now I can speak to people up close and not have to wait to exhale or direct my breath away from them. I’m truly grateful for this stuff!
— Amazon Customer - 3/21/2016
*I work in a place where we all use shared phones and equipment and colds spread like wildfire. I’m prone to sinus infections that seem to set in a week or so after getting a cold. So far, not only have I not had a sinus infection, I haven’t even got a cold this year. I work in a place where we all use shared phones and equipment and colds spread like wildfire. For the past month I have been surrounded by it, I haven’t even had a sniffle. Not sure if it’s connected to taking this, but I think this is at least part of it. I use this after brushing and while reading in bed, it’s actually a nice part of my bedtime routine. Glad it’s sugar free or it wouldn’t work for me. Tastes really good too!
— Amazon Customer - 1/25/2016
*Children’s Probiotics. So far so good. These tablets are small, taste good and are easy to chew. They don’t have to be refrigerated. Mush easier to give than the powder. We have happy tummies!
— Amazon Customer - 10/9/2016

*Individual results may vary.