Q:  So you don't manufacture anything? 

A:  Nope, and we never will.  Almost all nutraceuticals are contract manufactured, we're just transparent and honest about it.

Q:  What makes us experts in the field of nutraceuticals?

A:  We're not and don't pretend to be.  We're experts in the field of research.  We use consultants and advisors that are experts in their respective fields of study in our vetting processes. 

Q:  Why so few products?

A:  Our research process is exhaustive which makes every new product a very "slow roll," sometimes agonizingly slow.  We won't change that.

Q:  Are weight loss products in our future plans?

A:  In a word, NO.  These products are almost always misleading, deceptive and cause false hope.  Many are detrimental to other areas of human health and their safety is often questionable.  Although supplements have their place for those attempting to lose weight, they shouldn't be used TO lose weight.

Q:  Have clinical studies been conducted on your products?

A:  The probiotic strains we use have been the subject of innumerous clinical studies with more in process. It would be quite redundant for us to commission clinical studies on our particular products, as extensive clinical research has been done and published on every probiotic strain we use. We would only bring a product to market that has a proven track record of safety and efficacy as demonstrated by independent clinical trials. In addition to using the most demonstrated effective probiotic strains, we only use those officially designated by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Q:  Are your products soil based?

A:  This is a great question, and one for which there is no simple (or short) answer. As knowledge of probiotics and their far reaching benefits are becoming mainstream, "soil based probiotics," or soil based organisms (SBO's) have been getting a bit more attention. The primary benefit of these strains is their resiliency to the high pH levels of the human stomach and their shelf life. Unfortunately, there are VERY serious unanswered questions as to their safety and efficacy. 

There is an alarming lack of credible human clinical trials and research to determine long term (or even short term) safety of SBO's. Are they pathogenic (disease causing) alone or in combination over the long term? SBO's are spore forming, multiply RAPIDLY, and are largely resistant to antibiotics. Could this cause an infection that is resistant to treatment? These organisms are so "tough" that they are able to transform their own cellular makeup for survival (a whole other story). They are beginning to be added to hot drinks and processed nutrition products simply because they'll survive and it's "clever" marketing. Sometimes what you don't know CAN hurt you. Bottom line is that we don't feel comfortable offering them at this time and cannot recommend their consumption.

The ten probiotic strains in our 50B product as well as the strains in our other products, have all been the subject of many credible and long-term human clinical trials. They have all been found very effective, allergy friendly, and most importantly, safe. We won't compromise on safety ever. We bypass stomach acids by utilizing "targeted release" capsules that are specifically designed to deliver pH sensitive ingredients (probiotics) to the intestinal tract intact, alive and well. They are also all natural, plant based and free of plasticizers, solvents or additives.

Lastly, some manufacturers have lauded their soil based probiotics as more "natural." There is a bit of clever marketing at play here too. Although their original isolate source (where the bacteria was originally discovered) might be in dirt, they are no more "natural." Probiotic cultures for supplements are grown in a laboratory setting on a substrate media under very controlled conditions. Whether the bacteria was first discovered in dirt or in fermented vegetables is of no consequence at that point. Our probiotics’ strains are all vegetarian, non-GMO, and all natural. They are also manufactured in a cGMP, NSF facility and completely sourced and made in the USA.
When you invest your money, and more importantly, your time and health in a nutraceutical, we feel you should make a fully informed choice.

Q:  Do your products ship with an ice pack?

A:  PUR Nutraceuticals Probiotics are room temperature stable and, therefore, do not ship with refrigeration. This is made possible by the specific strains we use, combined with our manufacturing processes and innovative proprietary packaging.  When choosing a probiotic supplement, be sure to read label claims carefully. Most manufacturers will not guarantee a POTENCY level for a given period of time, but, rather, they will guarantee the product is still "effective" or use a similar term. We guarantee a potency level EXCEEDING 50 billion CFU's for 2 years beyond the date of manufacture (which is always clearly stamped on each bottle) WITHOUT refrigeration. We verify this through in-house as well as third party objective testing.

Q:  How many mg. of K12 and M18 are in each tablet of your Clincial Grade Oral Probiotic (BLIS M18 + BLIS K12)

A:  Without divulging what could be construed as proprietary information (what sets our formula apart, and gets the results we're so proud of!):

The short answer:  The ratio of BLIS K12 to BLIS M18 in our Clinical Grade product is within 10% of being even.

The long answer:  You may notice that our content of M18 and K12 is slightly higher than anything else you'll find. Our formulation (not only ratios, but also potency and dosage) is solidly based on clinical research done both in the U.S., as well as an impressive 36 years of study and research conducted in New Zealand. The 36 years of study in New Zealand (ongoing) has revealed profound positive implications for oral cavity and upper respiratory tract health when K12 and M18 are properly administered. We closely follow the findings of these studies, and our formulations are made accordingly. It costs us (and you) a bit more, but there's no guesswork or compromises when it comes to our products.

Q:  Do you have a Return Policy? 

A:  Yes, we do.  We are happy to issue a full refund for all orders that are returned in new, unopened condition in their original packaging within 30 days of receipt of order.  Unlike many other brands of probiotic health supplements offered on the market today, ALL of the ingredients in all of our probiotics are clearly indicated on the packaging to ensure that our customers no exactly what each probiotic formula contains so they can make a fully educated decision prior to making a purchase.  While we would like to let everyone "try before they buy", we would not be able to keep our business afloat!  

If you would like to make a return, please kindly mail to the following address and we will ensure that you receive your refund within 48 hours of our receipt of your return.

PUR Nutraceuticals

A Division of Prodev, Inc.

5B Fanaras Drive

Salisbury, MA  01952


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Q:  What is the source of the xylitol found in your Clinical Grade Oral 4B Probiotic? 

A:  The xylitol in our Oral Probiotic is derived from a fiber (xylan) found in the cellulose of birch tree bark.