To provide our customers with a suite of truly natural, pure, and honest dietary supplements.  Uncompromised quality, always.



  • Our customer's trust is, and will remain, the "north star" that guides our company. We will always move forward with a "people before profit" approach to all business dealings.
  • Our customer's investment of time and money will always command our deepest respect and gratitude.
  • Our giving is built-in, not tacked on. From day one, 10% of our profits have been donated to charity. No exceptions.



History - PUR Nutraceuticals was born out of personal struggle. Our founder, Phil Deitsch, contracted Lyme Disease from a tick while hiking in New England. While undergoing long-term antibiotic therapy, his physician recommended he take "the best quality probiotic" he could find to counteract the deleterious effects of the antibiotics. He quickly realized that this was easier said than done, and choosing any nutraceutical is a leap of faith. His quest to find the highest quality probiotic turned into an avid interest in not only probiotics, but the nutraceutical industry as a whole. This interest soon turned into a mission to help others, an obsession for uncompromised quality, and a company now known as PUR Nutraceuticals. 

A Rare Dose of Truth - Many people turn to nutritional supplements when they are at their most desperate and in need of help. What they find are wild product claims, mistruths, and a sea of inferior products with flashy labels all claiming to be "the best." There are literally THOUSANDS of people slapping labels on everything from probiotics to diet pills, posing as legitimate manufacturers. The dietary supplement industry is an unregulated "wild west" fraught with deception, false hope and misinformed choices. How is one to know the good from the bad? It's near impossible, but hold that question... 

There is Hope - Buried in all this noise, our research uncovered a few companies turning out truly innovative products of amazing quality. They were most often niche companies that are VERY specialized in their field of research and manufacturing.  Interestingly, the size of the company was very often at an inverse proportion to the quality of their products. It wasn't the company churning out every conceivable vitamin that nailed it on quality, and it certainly wasn't the “doctor” or “guru” importing who-knows-what from who-knows-where and slapping their label on it.  It was the company that remained impassioned about their specific field of research and development that was turning out products FAR-surpassing that of the average competitor (a.k.a. the "best" product at the local vitamin store) and backed by real clinical research. How, then, is a consumer to know the difference? Glad you asked! 

The Solution - The best a consumer can realistically do is to research a company online, trust online reviews, or their own empirical evidence.  This is where we step in.  We are part research company, part consumer advocate, and our vetting process borders on neurotic.  When we find a company of interest, we travel to their facilities, put on a lab coat and the funny hairnets and start to dig. We tour their labs and manufacturing facilities, speak to their technicians, and interview the companies in person. We ask hard questions and focus on the company's experience, expertise, ethics, and vision. We then begin objective third-party testing to verify the nutraceuticals EXCEED potency and purity claims. We also insist that the products are not only made in the U.S., but ALL raw materials are sourced in the U.S. also. Only after our exhaustive research do we broach the topic of manufacturing for PUR Nutraceuticals.  (Then we slap OUR label on it;)

Bottom Line – Phil founded PUR Nutraceuticals to solve his own problem; to be an honest and uncompromising company that he would trust with his family’s health.  We're very proud to be that company!